Wednesday, March 30, 2016

Tips to Take Care of Your Hair this Summer

Sweltering summers are here! Summers take a toll on our health and majorly on skin and hair. Though it’s the best time to relax and enjoy outdoors, but the sun can damage the hair badly. Let’s take a look at a few tips that will avoid hair damage and keep it well.
1. Protection Gear:
Going on a holiday to a sunlit location? You could enjoy it the most with protection gear like a hat, cap and a scarf in your travel bag. Like sunburns on skin the hair too can get sunburn by the ultraviolet rays of the sun causing high dryness, loss of shine and limp hair. Wearing a hat or a cap will allow blood flow within the scalp area while you enjoy your holiday will protect you against the sun’s harshness.
2. Swimming Preparation:
Dipping in the pool is the agenda in anyone’s holiday! But prior to that, follow these steps. Chemicals are added to the pool to sterilize it, this can lead to damage. To avoid causing harm to hair caused by chemicals rinse your hair with water before and after a swim. Hair braiding and using a swim cap can also help and avoid tangles in the hair.
3. Hydrate Yourself:
Drink plenty of water during summers to avoid dehydration and for healthy hair. Drinking 8-10 glasses of water daily is advised to aid blood circulation in the scalp area and achieve lustrous hair. If soaking up plenty of sun, then ensures you are hydrated with regular intake of water.
4. Moisturize Your Hair:
Do not forget to do this before stepping out in the sun. There are many moisturizers available in the market for your kind of hair type. Choose water based since they can retain moisturizing properties for long durations. Use it before stepping out in the sun to maintain healthy hair.
5. Air Dry Your Hair:
The heat in summer can really be harsh and cause immense damage to the hair. So do not tamper it more by using a hair dryer. Let the hair dry naturally on its own in summers since exposure to sun can cause brittle and weak hair. Limit the usage of hair curlers and flat iron to keep hair healthy.
6. Brush Your Hair Wisely:
Hair is really delicate when it’s wet; brushing it directly after swimming is a big no no. Brush it after its dry with a wide toothed comb to avoid any breakage.
7. Use Gentle Access
Summers cause to hair to breakage, or any kind of pull or pressure by hard clips can result them to fall off the scalp. Avoid using clips with metal buckles instead use fabric hair bands and clips with smooth edges that will not cause damage to hair.
Follow these steps in order to maintain healthy hair in summers and enjoy summers without the guilt of it causing any damage to you healthy locks!

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