Wednesday, March 30, 2016

Is Menopause the Main Reason for Hair Thinning in Women?

Have you hit the stage of menopause? What is it? Menopause is a natural biological process that occurs in all women at a point of their life. In this phase the body goes through various physical changes as the hormones fluctuate frequently. The most common symptoms of menopause are hot flushes, insomnia, lethargy and mood swings. Hair loss is the biggest occurrence amongst the symptoms. Typically, women experience a mighty hair thinning along the front, top and sides of the head. It could also shed in large clumps while brushing or even showering.

How exactly do hormones participate in hair thinning?
Hormones naturally produce oestrogen and progesterone and these have a major influence in hair growth. During menopause levels of oestrogen drop and progesterone’s levels increase excessively. These are essential for hair growth and any inappropriate functioning of it will trigger hair thinning. Although there are other factors too that lead to hair thinning like high levels of stress, medications, and an improper diet during menopause
Hair thinning could be a daunting experience to most women and affect their physical appearance, but there are solutions to address them. Follow these below mentioned tips to keep your locks healthy and strong during menopause.

  • Reduce or cut off stress
As mentioned above, hormones are responsible for hair growth so if high levels of stress will only provoke an imbalance in the body leading to drastic hairloss. Reduced amount of oestrogen can affect the brain and cause mood swings, depression and anxiety. Follow a strict yoga or exercise regimen to relax the mind and bring down stress levels.

  • Stay fit and be active
One can’t stress the value of exercise. It’s essential for a healthy lifestyle. It contributes majorly to calm the mind and increase happy hormones in the body, which help in dealing with mood swings, depression, insomnia and anxiety. Happy hormones will also prevent in hormonal imbalances thus aiding healthy hair growth.

  • Follow a healthy diet
Eating a well-balanced diet is always beneficial to fight hair loss. Diet should include whole grains, legumes, green vegetables, fish like tuna and salmon, nuts like walnut and almonds, and fruits. Taking supplements also helps in restoring hair growth.

  • Adequate hydration
Cut out drinks like cola, soda and artificially flavoured drinks which are loaded with high amounts of sugar. Drink lots of water throughout the day. Aim at drinking at least 8 glasses, these help in order to maintain healthy hormones.

  • Avoid excessive use of tools on the hair
Keep the hair natural to avoid breakage and drying by staying away from heat tools, any hair heat hair dryers and hair straighteners. Hair colours and dyes are often loaded with artificial chemicals that can weaken hair and cause hair thinning.

  • Consult a doctor for additional medications
Talk to your doctor if you’re facing a major hair thinning issue, medications will always help. But do not take medicines without medical supervision.

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