Wednesday, March 30, 2016

Handy tips to follow to take care of your thinning hair

Hair is the best ornament; it lets you look beautiful. It adds that extra bit of beauty element in all of us. Sporting hairstyles to work, college, office or evening party is always great. A stunning hairstyle can always add an oomph factor. But how are these hairstyles made? With products that contain heavy chemical content in them which can be hazardous to the hair and cause major hair thinning. Hair thinning is caused by stress and anxiety. Hair loss can happen due to many reasons.
Genetics, hormones and scalp diseases can lead to hair thinning. With women hair thinning can occur with different time. It starts off at the crown area and then slow increased shedding. Hair thinning can be really daunting. The hair parting widens, ponytails are volume less and scalp can begin to appear upfront through the hair leaving the hair really lifeless and dull. Now how to avoid hair thinning? Are there solutions to it?
Here are the tips to care for thinning hair 

Medical Attention –
Medical issues like hormonal changes can cause hair thinning and in extreme cases it can lead to temporary hair loss. Seeking medical advice is needed to treat problems like scalp infections, skin disorders and thyroid issues.A doctor will always be of help.
Switch to gentle hair products –
Gentle hair products are always suggested when hair thins. Chemicals present in shampoos, hair sprays, conditioners can be harmful and spoil the health of scalp and hair. Herbal hair care products or shampoos without sulfates or any alcohol or hair styling products made with natural extracts can be the best solution for hair thinning; using these will avoid hair thinning.
Combing hair –
Entangled hair needs to be brushed and handled with utmost care. Using a broad toothed comb always works and especially when they we wet. The correct way it to tangle the hair at the bottom first and comb your way up to the roots. Air drying hair will always lead to new hair growth. Additionally massaging the scalp can aid hair growth and avoid hairstyles that pull hair and provoke hair thinning.
Change your lifestyle –
One needs to avoid stress in every way and lead a healthy lifestyle to avoid hair thinning. Exercising and eating a protein rich meal in the diet can avoid hair thinning majorly.
Moreover you can always visit the salon for hair treatments. Doctors also can help in fighting hair thinning with their prescribed hair treatment.
Following these tips can always provide healthy tresses. Bid goodbye to hair thinning with these tips and now flaunt your flawless long and bouncy hair!

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