Wednesday, March 30, 2016

The Most Common Type of Hair Loss

Usually the most common type of hair loss visible in men and women is genetically imbibed and called as androgenetic alopecia. In this case, the hair loss is up slowly with time and age. But not always hair loss occurs genetically but there are other factors. Some are-

1. Medications:
Certain medications which are prescribed by the doctor may lead to hair loss as a side effect. The medications contain antipressants, arthritis, blood thinners, specific heart problems, blood pressure medications and contraceptive pills. You can always request your doctor to avoid prescribing medicines that cause hair fall.
2. Thyroid Disease:
If you are under thyroid issue then hair loss is very natural. Thyroid gland controls metabolism and body growth, and its fluctuation can cause bad hair loss. If under proper medical treatment then hair loss can be controlled.
3. General Anesthesia and Surgical Procedures:
If you have undergone a major surgery and had anesthesia in the past then hair loss can occur. Due to the stress the body goes through during surgery it can cause hair loss, it will recede and hair loss stops within a span of few months.
4. Anemia:
Loss of iron causes anemia in the body. One who suffers from anemia can face hair loss. This happened when body is loses excess blood and the body doesn’t replenish it. Low iron levels in blood causes hair loss.
5. Personal Care Appliances:
It’s always advised to opt for natural products than fancy appliances. The reason being high heat levels emitted by them to style hair which damages and leads to breakage. Blow dryers, flat irons and curling irons are few appliances that cause hair loss, they damage the most when used on wet hair and they boil the hair in hair shaft leaving them brittle.
6. Childbirth:
Post baby birth, the estrogen levels in women drop low which leads to hairfall.It occurs for 3 months roughly after childbirth and temporary.After estrogen levels rise to normal levels the hair fall stops.
7. Diet:
The diet must include good vitamins, minerals and other nutrients needed for healthy growth of hair. Lack of protein will stop growth of new hair follicles thus damaging hair within 3 months. And the ones to adhere to strict weight loss diets can succumb to hair fall especially when someone has lost more than 15 kilos of weight.
8. Stress:
Stress can cause hair loss. If one has gone through trauma in the past then hair loss can occur. It’s temporary and stops with time. It takes 8 months to recover from hair loss when under stress.
9. Trichotillomania:
A mental disorder in which a person feels the urge to pull their own hair which leads to hair loss. It can be pulled from scalp, eyelashes, eyebrows or other areas. Treating this disorder is very much needed to avoid hair loss.
10. Fungal Infections:
Ring worm is the most common fungal infection in children that causes hair fall. It can cause scaly scalp and patchy hair loss. Antifungal medicines should help in treating this.

These are some non genetic factors that may lead to hair loss.

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