Tuesday, March 29, 2016

Hair Transplant Procedure on Leading Celebrity- Salman Khan

Hair fall can be very daunting to any normal person, and chiefly more if you are an actor and a big star. Salman Khan is one of the best actors in Bollywood and is a famous star since many years who too faced the wrath of major hair fall issues in 2002.Its extremely difficult for actors of his stature  to deal with hair fall because their physical appearances is extremely crucial amongst their fans and followers. However Salman Khan Hair transplant is an old forgotten story and a gentle reminder of how bad the cosmetic surgery/plastic surgery can be. Firstly when celebrities opt for such processes or treatments, it is always kept confidential. Their personal lives will always remain secretive. The actor went bald in 2003 and it happened after he went through a hair restoration trial in India which did not yield good results thus he was left with no other option other shaving his head completely.

Back in 2005 he was seen with noticeable scars on his head. These scars were due to a hair transplant surgery done 2 years back. A hair transplant surgery can create scars on the head due to the removal of hair follicles and placed on other parts of the head. Post this flop trial it was confirmed by sources that he was going to Dubai in 2007 for another session of hair transplant process. The Hair transplant procedure was done by an American doctor and his identity is still under the wraps and he is one of the biggest names in the hair transplant industry.

After this the actor made several trips to Dubai regularly between 2007-2013 due to hair transplant procedure being done in stages. It was confirmed that synthetic fiber was used instead of hair strands because Salman khan opted to do so. And it’s a secret as to why the actor insisted on synthetic hair till date.

If sources are to be believed then Salman Khan has had synthetic hair since then and the surgery was a big success. The surgeon managed to get the best results through the surgery as Salman Khan is always seen with full hair. It looks real and natural because of its superior quality replica method used to make hair real. The other side he has many hair scars that will never heal. But at the same time he doesn’t have to face the wrath of any kind of hair fall in future. He is at risk with synthetic hair till any permanent removal. This incident of Salman khan hair transplant is one example of how the biggest of biggest actors across the planet can fall prey to hair fall problems.

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