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Does Hair Fall Irritates You?
Does Hair Loss is Spoiling Your Mood Every Day?

Consequence of hair loss can sometimes kill you. Hair loss consequences are very painful.
Hair fall has many emotional and psychological consequences over the victim's health. Ignoring hair fall in the beginning, leads to increasing baldness and disappearing charm from the personality.
It actually hurts when we see each string of hair is going away from us. The worst happens when, as soon as we realize it’s time to take off for new searches, we already had lost maximum of our hair from scalp.

Why Hair Fall is so scary......
The increasing baldness makes our face ugly. Daily hair fall makes our life even more stressful and frustrating. We start comparing our hair beauty with others and sometimes feel jealous also if we discover our hair is actually trimming down much from our personality element. Each day seems more & more suffocating with the increasing baldness and diminishing charm. We waste lot of money & time over hair oil, shampoos, conditioners, hair gels, medicines, doctors and what not.

How to Know-What to Do & What Not To Do?

Though we leave no stone unturned to save our hair from every day falling but some time it seems it is not always oil, shampoo and vitamin which protects hair fall.

This Time -No Vitamin Please!
“Vitamins are not always the fuel for hair strength & growth. It is something else which snatches hair from the scalp and lefts it ugly & scary.”

Yes! It's a twist in hair fall story.

The embarrassing baldness rising with each new day pushes us to start our efforts towards curbing this great menace as soon as possible, which first commences with change in our hair oil, then change in shampoo and if both are not working than we hunt to see a good dermatologist nearby  in  our locality. We try so many hair oil, shampoos, gels and what not but these changes does not work always. Sometimes we also try different vitamin medicines like vitamin E and vitamin A etc. but unfortunately these multivitamin medication fits good only temporary for relief.

How @ Non-Allopathic Remedies?
Does Homeopathy Work to Stop Hair Fall?

Most of the Indians are seem to have faith on fringe therapies which belongs to the ancient India medical remedies inspired from natural herbs & plants. Those indigenous alternative medical systems include Homeopathy, Ayurveda, Naturopathy, Unani & Yoga. All these traditional healing remedies are extremely slow in action to heal and to figure out the actual cause. These remedies not always work though they are easily affordable and have minimal side effects.

Allopathy doesn't suit every one everywhere!

Now what to do if traditional medical science is not working? Let's try Allopathy and see the magic.
Allopathy treatments demands a high quality doctor and controlled amount of pills, as most of the pills in allopathy opens wide doors for side effects only. It has been observed that most of the allopathy treatments come with the hidden side effects, which seems in the later stage of the medication. Most of the allopathy patients need to stop taking pills in the middle of their treatment, due to heavy side effects. So if it’s allopathic then be aware of the hidden side effects also.

No More Hair Fall Please...........
To get permanent relief from hair damage & diminishing beauty, i-Graft Global Hair Services are always there to listen to your worries, to analyse the real cause behind the hair fall and to suggest you the most appropriate remedy according to the hair condition and budget size.

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