Sunday, June 22, 2014

Are you aware of the false content ?
Do you know the new dirty shortcuts in competition?
Is really everything is fair in Love & War?
These days it has been observed that some companies are taking the shortcuts to win customer attention and more market space. Instead of putting efforts in their own in house products & services, they are playing dirty tricks to defame and run down the reputation of other upcoming companies. This is what i-Graft Global Hair Service is facing these days.

Where are the efforts going?
Those concentrated efforts that are being supposed to be invested and are truly required over the company's own upliftment and enhancement are seem to be wasted over creating malicious communication for their competitors like i-Graft Global Hair Services. 

What is Vilification?
Vilification is attacking the good name of a company's reputation by uttering or publishing wrong and fake content for it, for example many companies which face “no business” conditions due to lack of dedication, hardwork and expertise, lag behind the others in terms of making money, gaining new customers and their loyalties and establishing themselves as a brand in the market. This makes them stand in the market competition at lagging positions and least recognized efforts, thus starts discrediting and spoiling the names of the upcoming ones. This is what i-Graft Global Hair Services is facing & fighting currently.
Some companies are really envy of the efforts that team i-Graft is  putting  over it's customers in terms of tools, techniques, service delivery procedures, comfort levels, cloud IT infrastructure, quality surgeons and hair specialists to make hair loss victims achieve maximum recovery from hair loss. This honest effort over i-Graft patients in return fills the pocket of the company with hard core customer loyalties and heartly appreciations. Such recognitions and awareness about the honest services in the market brings a real tough competition in cup of our rival fronts. To cope up with these cut throat competitions, some of them starts disparage and denigrate approach for others through back biting, spreading bad word of mouth, publishing false news and printing fake reviews, blogs, articles and other injurious content which can directly attack i-Graft good will and market reputation.

The Ugly Fact!
It has been noticed in past few days  that some of the rival companies of i-Graft Global Hair Services, which can't see i-Graft growing, are being observed running a smear campaign against i-Graft by producing and spreading malicious content for its services. Yes this is true with i-graft that with the new additions in i-graft success stories, the number of rival parties are also multiplying.

What Do You Call Such Competitions – Healthy or Illegal?
Of course illegal, it is a wrong play if a company is diminishing the efforts of the other ones. This will lead to no where in a long run except losses especially to those who are having a big hand in such traducements. The company i-Graft strives to exploit the wrongdoers and those who are acting malicious for the company in the race of competition. Our efforts are also dedicated to make all of you aware of such injurious and fake content displayed through advertisement, articles, blogs, product and service reviews, bad word of mouth and other communication means.
“We welcome all our customers in our clinics with open hands and wide smiles to help them fight against hair fall menace and to make them experience the recovery of lost beauty & charm again”


  1. yeah !! i have seen the reviews of igraft on google there are no bad reviews but it seems some people misguiding others, as a costumer i will definitely compare and research about company. As in my observation igraft is a trustworthy than others.