Thursday, June 19, 2014

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Be Aware of The False Content................
With the increasing success of i-Graft team efforts, the number of rivals are also increasing. It has been observed in past few days that some of the rivals of i-Graft who are also running their business in this field and provide hair loss treatments and resolutions are defaming i-Graft by publishing fake content and news about the company and its service delivery procedures. Some of our competitors are following the short cut root to lessen the competition and to acquire the maximum market in least efforts by spoiling the endeavours of other companies like ours by publishing false and fake information in their articles, blogs and news feeds.

Do you take stress of every day hair fall?
Is the falling hair making you more & more frustrating each day?

Never loose the opportunity to get the best platform for recovering all types of hair losses. Most of us ignore the early signs of alopecia which starts with the hair thinning and broadening of hair lines. The real cause behind hair fall which could be lack of sleep, mental stress, countless pills popping, lack of nutrition, child birth and sometime hormones also play a major role in hair loss issues.

How to get back lost hair beauty & charm?

The daily hair fall sometimes becomes highly painful to bear and to cheer on routine basis, thus team i-Graft has found numerous technology oriented tactics to subdue this daily menace. The venture i-Graft Global Hair Services is a collective effort to call lost  hair back to the bald scalp in highly customer friendly terms keeping the  utmost care of customer's ease & comfort during the entire course.
The company i-Graft does not banks upon excessive application of chemicals like shampoos, conditioners, gels, sprays, artificial oils, colors, serums, soaps, spa tubes, hair packs and hair ointments, instead it has its own in house tools and techniques to deal with it.

Unique & Exclusive Hair Loss Control Techniques
The i-Graft will make you treat your hair as a treat after the entire procedure. It fights with hair loss issues with it's three core competencies which lies in DFI (Direct Follicle Implant), DT (Direct Tricho) and D’FITT (Direct Follicular Implant Tricho Technique). These techniques are miraculous and demands superior quality of aesthetic surgeons, hair veterans, experienced consultants, doctors and class cosmetic surgeons to yield and establish best ever plastic surgeries, aesthetic surgeries, cosmetology treatments and a complete cycle of 360 degrees treatment for the hair loss victim.

What are you waiting for?
Many people have already benefited from i-Graft Global Hair Services across the country and many already have made their mind to pursue for it. If you are also the victim of hair fall then do not wait just contact i-Graft Global Hair Services and book your appointment as soon as possible.

**Note: Team i-Graft request you all not to follow any kind of information which is being produced to subdue the competitors and their efforts. This is a wrong play which needs to get exploited soon. Please be aware of such advertisements who try to stand and make their own business by trimming down the competition in the market through such defaming content for others.


  1. i have done treatment from igraft and it was really a good experience...the result is also good... i would love to recommend people to do hair transplant here.

  2. i have got my transplant done recently, i have experienced no pain during the procedure and even the doctors were also very good....

  3. A friend of mine has got his hair loss treatment done with iGraft under their DFI procedure and I should say that its end results are enough to talk miles about the guaranteed results that iGraft promises to deliver and which it actually does. I am person who believes in what the eyes meet rather than the mere manipulation of the tongue. In today’s crooked world its better to do a thorough research rather than making opinions on someone else’s bad mouth.