Sunday, July 6, 2014

GOOD Reviews about i-graft

Review/Feedback by Mr.Solanki

My hair transplant experience with i-Graft has been mesmerizing. And I have to say that it has taken me by surprise and the results produced as promised are breakthrough in the field of hair regeneration and restoration. The day of my procedure started with an anesthesia that numbed my head surface area enabling a painless experience. Nevertheless one cannot deny the minute pinching effect that the robotics have on you but it’s enjoyable if you have a handy sense of humor rather than a poker face.

The machinery used for my hair implantation were highly advanced and sophisticated so I didn’t have to bother much about the finishing as it was quite evident from the kind of effort that the surgeons were putting in for every strand of my hair. The treatment lasted for nine hours with a lunch break in between by the i-Graft hospitality team but I had a blast with the surgeons even in the operation theatre. I was kept conscious throughout the process so I had the wonderful opportunity to chit-chat and kid with the experts while the procedure was going on. In short, it was like a fun day rather than a surgery at i-Graft.

There is only one thing that you have to take care of when you go through a hair transplant at i-Graft and that is taking the medications prescribed by the doctors on time. And I think that is pretty easy for anyone who has taken the time and gone for hair restoration. The implanted area was cured in less than seven days and I could shampoo my hair as usual. Now I have a care free routine and life style, and I am happily obsessed with my new hair growth and my complete make over.

Finally words are really meager to express my gratitude towards i-Graft for their world class hospitality and clarity of communication throughout the entire process. They are really the one in the market who stand by what they swear to deliver.

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