Wednesday, June 18, 2014

Let your Hair head the Beauty

What i-Graft is known for?

There are various different techniques available in the market to combat against hair fall menace. There is no doubt that we all face hair fall disasters once in our life time. In order to get healthy hair and lively scalp, we buy and use costly and most demanding shampoos, hair oils, conditioners, gels, combs and hair bands , but it really puts you down and hurts when you see and realize even after taking so much of care, still you find your hair on the pillow, over the bed sheet, table, clothes, fursh and floorings, towels and sometimes even in your mouth out of your favourite dish following you through kitchen.
Let’s discuss some of the latest and scientifically sound methodologies prevailing in current market scenario to assure your relief from hair fall disasters. It is not important how many hair fall rescue clinics are mushrooming, how many of them provide the real service will make a difference. To achieve the real goal of hair fall control i-Graft Global Hair Services brings new therapies and methodologies associated with hair transplantation & hair replacement.

* i-Graft core competencies lies in the following techniques to get permanent rid of  hair damages. Let us discuss them all in brief;
Hair Transplant Techniques
·         D'FITM Hair Transplant – Direct Follicular Implant
·         D'TTM Hair Transplant – Direct Tricho
·         D'FITT=D'FITM+D'TTM means, Direct Follicular Tricho Technique

D'FI Hair TransplantDirect Follicular Implant: This technique is designed to achieve maximum comfort for the patient and minimum follicle wastage. To initiate with, hair gets trim down and an updated dose of local anesthesia is given to the patient.  Here around 500 follicles are extracted at a time, which is then directly implanted into the bald arena. Once the procedure is done no need for the heavy precautions to be followed except the 5 day dose of recommended antibiotics.

Why To Go With i-Graft D'FI Transplant?

•  Saves time and money as 500 follicles are extracted & implanted in one single go
•   Zero permanent scars, stitches, cuts, wounds and marks.
•   Zero wastage due to pick and plant tactics.
•   Achieve desired look and style.
•   The Patient can easily walk or drive to home in complete comfort.

D'TTM Hair Transplant – Direct Tricho begins with an incision and stripping off a thin skin loaded with follicles from patient's back of the head. The follicles are then dissected into the individual ones and inserted into the recipient sites to make sure that even the closed part gets hair too.
“D'TTM Hair Transplant is exclusively designed for the broader patches of baldness”

How D'T TM Technique is different?
  1. Hair growth even from the stitched part, ensures non visibility of scar
  2. Quick heal sutures for the wounds
  3. Highly designed for broader patches of bald scalp
  4. No shaving off of hair
 Achieve the best desired look within 6-8 months after the procedure

D'FITT=D'FI+D'T means, Direct Follicular Implant Tricho Technique

It is the brilliant combination of above two techniques, this will allow more follicles to get picked and planted, more quick heals and for a good donor arena this is the best way to get all hair and beauty back to your head.

Let your beauty start from your head!
The venture i-Graft also offers cost effective and 100% result driven hair loss solutions such as RPP'L-Rich Plasma Platelet Laser technique. To know more about RPP'L and other hair fall rescue techniques log on to and enrich yourself with new and updated knowledge for hair loss control.

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