Saturday, July 12, 2014


Hair myths that are taking your hair away

You might be having memories of you wishing for lustrous hair as your classmates, those with long pleats that they styled with colorful beads and ribbons or a beautifully trimmed hair like that of a television actor. You might even have fond memories of how your mom oiled, shampooed and cared for your hair and how you used to spend hours in front of the mirror to have perfectly groomed hair.

This very fact of our love for our hair tempts us to gather innumerable information about how to have great hair. But most of the times this search leads us to some very misguided paths. We then loose the capability to distinguish facts from myths and therefore land our hair into a mythical world making them dry and coarse like a corpse.

Many of us have countless myths about our hair that bring them near to destruction. For example: it is a common myth that cutting of hair will enhance their growth. In actual that is not the case. Cutting of hair can give you a fuller look cause of the bounce that is created after the hair cut due to the resulting shorter hair but it does not help in hair growth as the hair grows from the roots and not from the tips. Though trimming of hair can prevent split ends that can rise upwards to the shaft if you don’t take action and thus damage the roots in the long run.

Another strong myth coming from ages is that if you pluck a grey hair then there will be three more for its funeral which is again a delusion. In reality every hair is an individual in its entity. No hair has any relation with any other hair in terms of growth and color. That is why you notice that even though you had given a particular cut to your hair, it doesn’t stay the same after a few months.

Many people also develop the habit of brushing their hair hundreds of times cause they are under the notion that it would give them long and shiny hair. But in life over doing of anything is harmful. Over combing can damage your strands due to constant friction and rubbing. Combing as much as needed is recommended for your hair though you can have oil massage for a better blood circulation and then wash it off after some hours with a mild shampoo and final rinse off with cold water as cold water closes the follicles that gets opened and exposed due to hot water.

There are times when we make many other mistakes while caring for our hair and sometimes ignore them due to our stressful life until it is too late to repair the damage caused. Grey hair, losing and thinning of hair; bald patches etc are the cases when you get susceptible to a stressful life style, unhealthy food habits which depletes the supply of essential nutrients to hair, pollution and even heredity plays a role some times.

It is always smarter to take care of the factors that help in hair growth rather than trying to cure your hair problems with a lot of artificial products available in the market that never deliver what they promise. Nevertheless for people who have already been a victim of hair loss can get their lost hair back by a highly researched technique of hair transplant. As this procedure gives permanent solution to your hair loss problems by implanting hair that are immune to hair loss factors like stress, unhealthy food habits, pollution, heredity etc that gives rise to a hormone by the name DHT (Di-Hydro Testosterone) which is the main culprit behind hair fall. DFITM (Direct Follicular Implant), DTTM (Direct Tricho) and RPPLTM (Rich Plasma Platelet Laser) are some of the very few techniques that give miraculous results to the hair that has lost hope of being lustrous one again. So, it’s never late to wake us from your deep slumber and take care of your hair rather than getting bald and guilty.

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