Monday, July 21, 2014

Love your hair this Monsoon

Monsoons arrive with a promise of romance in the air after a long wait from the scorching sun. Sure we want to drench in every drop of rain that brings pure serenity within us. But there is always a ‘but’ to everything that comes to bless us with all its vigor.

You might be wishing to play in the waters, soak yourselves in the beauty of nature but you might be scared about the after affects. “Oh my God my shoes will get wet, Oh my God my new dress will get dirty, Oh my God my hair will frizz out”. When you say this to yourself please remember that it’s God who is blessing you with something whose absence can breach your life.

Keep an extra pair of shoes or wear sleepers when it’s raining, change your wardrobe a bit and wear some light clothes. And for hair there are a number of things that can be done to nourish them and make them better.

What kind of shampoo to use in monsoons??
Always shampoo your hair after you happen to soak them in the rains. Surely rains are beautiful and absolute but when they mix with the oil, sweat and pollution that already exist in your hair, then they need to be cleared out with a very mild and natural components shampoo. You might be using a anti dandruff shampoo for treating your scalp but make sure that you don’t use it on a regular basis which will damage your hair in the long run.

How many times should hair be oiled in a week??
It is highly recommended that you oil your hair at-least half an hour before shampoo. This is because oil in a soothing ingredient, it smoothens your hair from within, it has the capacity to remove all the chemicals from your hair entering due to use of different styling agents. Never wash your hair dry because that will lead to rough and coarse hair as it will lack the balancing medium i.e. oil. Most of the oils in the market are natural but you need to try and check which one of them suits you best.

Hairthinning is a slow process that results due to a lot of factors ranging from heredity, ageing, insufficient intake of nutrients, variation in diet, pollution, stress etc. And the major draw back is that it is slow, so we realize it only when it has reached its extreme stage. But when the reality dawns on us then it becomes very difficult to handle. We panic and try to get an instant solution which again results in wrong suggestions from unprofessional people and further hairloss leading to depression. It is also due to our hectic lifestyle that our hormones go through a toll and get imbalanced. Most of the times a hormone by the name DHT (Di-Hydro Testosterone) is formed due to the stress of our daily lifestyle which plays the malice, affects our hair roots or follicles and force them to fall off with a guarantee of never to return. And when this happens we notice that we are getting bald.

There are lot of treatments available in the market for baldness but the only permanent solution to it is hair transplant and restoration as the hair that has fallen off from the roots have no scope to grow again even though many might make false promises of its regain with the use of unduly costly products. There are highly designed techniques by the name DFITM (DirectFollicular Implant), DTTM (Direct Tricho), RPPLTM (RichPlasma Platelet Laser) for any type of hair transplant and restoration. Only these techniques can assure the re-growth of lost hair as they work on the hair roots or follicles rather than your scalp base only.

Sure our hair is an integral part of our personality but it is important that we question ourselves that how much care do we need to take in-order to keep it in perfect shape. It has always been the stone hunched rule of life, the more your care for something, the more you can reap out of it. And the same applies to your hair. Love it, care for it and enjoy the beauty it gives you from within.


  1. being a lead guitarist i always m concerned about my hairstyle and looks,this blog has helped me to solve my prob..very useful tips...i will implement it for sure

  2. Thank you Mr.Singh.
    We are glad that our tips are so helpful. Please do write us for further hair problems.