Saturday, August 2, 2014


Hair loss was something that was giving me sleepless nights. Never had I thought in my wildest dreams that my hair could create such havoc in my calm and serene life. From ten to twenty hairs per day, I started noticing that I was loosing eighty to hundred hairs every time I combed and that was affecting my overall personality and self confidence. I panicked and worried but alas it was of no use until I started searching for remedies to stop and cure my drastic hair loss. And this was the time when I came across i-Graft, a global hair services clinic for hair transplant.

Though they had a very detailed and elaborated website, and decent rates for their treatments and procedures, still I was very skeptical about the entire process until I visited their clinic and had a face-to-face conversation with their consultant. And I should say that never had I seen anyone who was so dedicated to serve a client’s queries. The consultant explained to me about the genuine reasons of my hair fall and the remedy that could be provided from their end.
Even the procedural experts walked towards me and explained the entire process of the treatment so that I can get at ease before the main process. And that was the time when I felt glad that I was at i-Graft as it made me feel at home with my very own people who were ready to take care of me and fight the malice that hair loss was causing in my life.

i-Graft always promised me a great make over and regain of my lost confidence, and I am more than pleased to say that they have delivered each and every inch of their word. Today I consider my selves to be lucky in finding them at the right time and taking the advantage of their services. I am assured that their superb after procedure support team is always there for me and my friends who might face similar issues regarding hair loss. Moreover, the guarantee of a life time can only be given at i-Graft coz it is customer service that they believe in first than marketing and business.

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