Tuesday, August 19, 2014

Doctors at i-Graft are pure magic!!

What’s life without hair? If a person who has a head full of blessed hair hears this then he or she will never be able to understand the crux of the situation. Not coz they are insensitive but coz they are indifferent to what hair loss and problems relating to it mean. We might look at a bald person and give an expression for a second but the imprint of our expression stays with him or her for a long time to come. A bald person sometimes looses sleep due to this indifference of theirs. And that’s when they turn to a hair transplant clinic.

Hair transplant has grown rapidly in today’s time even though baldness existed way before. The reason is advancement in hair technology as well as growing awareness in pupil for physical and mental health. At one point or the other we all face hair issues. May it be dandruff or excessive hair loss due to malnutrition, stress, pollutedwater or a prolonged exposure to some medical treatment. We all worry about hair loss and remenish the fact of how beautiful our locks were.

The hair transplant industry is booming with the very reason of our awareness for our hair health as well as the growing stress factor due our modern life style which gives rise to DHT (de-hydro testosterone), the main culprit behind hair loss and baldness in today’s time. But we are also blessed with hair transplant clinics, doctors and surgeons who are there to fight this malice for us. And one such clinic that puts it whole and soul in bringing back the lost confidence of a person is i-Graft Global Hair Services.

The staff, hair experts, doctors, surgeons all at i-Graft has one thing in common. Their desire and dedication for solving the problems of their clients. Whether you call them for a telephonic consultation or meet them for a face to face consultation. It is pretty clear that they are there to serve you always. And this can be said with a lot of assurance coz of their after procedure support team. From the time of surgery to the time there is hair growth on the scalp, it is a remarkable service of i-Graft that their doctors are there at every step. You can call them at any point of hour and they will be there to solve your query. Their feedback team calls you every two months to check your hair growth in case you have missed it due to your busy schedule. This kind of treatment only reinforces one thought process that they adhere to and i.e service industry is there to serve us, it is there to be with us in our physical and mental health.

The world class hair transplant procedure at i-Graft has served thousand of people till date and has been successful in bringing a smile on their face. The DFI (DirectFollicular Implant), DT (Direct Tricho) & RPPL (Rich Plasma Platelet Laser) treatments have been invented by i-Graft by keeping in mind with the urgent requirement of their clients. And these treatments along with the superb team at i-Graft make it a place to visit if you are facing any hair loss issues today or in future.

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